Sonar Screensaver
Fabulous sonar simulation. Turn your desktop into automated sonar-powered outpost.

Radar Screensaver
The most realistic radar simulation. A stunning desktop display of radar simulation!

Firework Screensaver
Fiery fireworks animation and sounds will immerse you into magical world of fires.

Gyrodrome Screensaver
Conceptually simple but hypnotic and fascinating rotating rings animation.

Stars 3 Screensaver
Great replacement for standard starfield simulation screensaver.


Web Form Anti-Spam
Effective, transparent and user-friendly solution against web form spam bots.

Hide display contents with blank or screensaver by moving mouse to a screen corner.


XZ-B-ONE Cursors
Full animated cursors set with smooth shadows designed for Windows XP.



28 June 2008

Radar Screensaver 1.72
Radar update with Windows Vista DEP issue resolved.

28 January 2008

ASP-Shareware Membership
We are the members of Association of Shareware Professionals.

22 January 2008

LCD dead pixel online test
LCD Pixels online test for fast dead pixel detection.

16 July 2007

Web Form Anti-Spam 1.00
User-friendly protection against spam bots has been released.

3 August 2006

Sonar Screensaver 1.00
We have released new product. This is fantastic sonar simulation screensaver.

26 March 2006 site design changed
We have changed site design, improved navigation and data structure.

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Web design
We can design a site for you, implement and program its functionality.

Graphics design
We offer software graphics design: logos, icons, skins, art graphics, boxshots and more.


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Press Releases


Sonar Screensaver

3 August 2006 Sonar Screensaver 1.00 released

Radar Screensaver

1 September 2005 New screensaver version released (1.70)
03 September 2004 New screensaver version released (1.60)

Flaredance Firework Screensaver

15 February 2006 New screensaver version released (1.10)
21 November 2005 Screensaver first version released

Gyrodrome Screensaver

1 October 2005 Screensaver first version released

Press Releases


Web Form Anti-Spam

16 July 2007 Web Form Anti-Spam released



Sonar Screensaver

03 August 2006 Sonar Screensaver release

Flaredance Firework Screensaver

15 February 2006 New version released (1.10)