Sonar Screensaver
Fabulous sonar simulation. Turn your desktop into automated sonar-powered outpost.

Radar Screensaver
The most realistic radar simulation. A stunning desktop display of radar simulation!

Firework Screensaver
Fiery fireworks animation and sounds will immerse you into magical world of fires.

Gyrodrome Screensaver
Conceptually simple but hypnotic and fascinating rotating rings animation.

Stars 3 Screensaver
Great replacement for standard starfield simulation screensaver.


Web Form Anti-Spam
Effective, transparent and user-friendly solution against web form spam bots.

Hide display contents with blank or screensaver by moving mouse to a screen corner.


XZ-B-ONE Cursors
Full animated cursors set with smooth shadows designed for Windows XP.



28 June 2008

Radar Screensaver 1.72
Radar update with Windows Vista DEP issue resolved.

28 January 2008

ASP-Shareware Membership
We are the members of Association of Shareware Professionals.

22 January 2008

LCD dead pixel online test
LCD Pixels online test for fast dead pixel detection.

16 July 2007

Web Form Anti-Spam 1.00
User-friendly protection against spam bots has been released.

3 August 2006

Sonar Screensaver 1.00
We have released new product. This is fantastic sonar simulation screensaver.

26 March 2006 site design changed
We have changed site design, improved navigation and data structure.

15 February 2006

Flaredance Screensaver 1.10
New firework screensaver version has been released.

28 November 2005

Radar Screensaver 1.71
Now it can track Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.

22 November 2005

Flaredance Screensaver
Our new Flaredance Firework Screensaver has been released.

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Sonar Screensaver

Version, 30 Jan 2008
Sonar Screensaver

Enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of cold still waters; immerse yourself in the eerie silence of oceans deep with one of the best sonar simulation screensavers around.
This fascinating and detailed sonar simulation software gives your PC the appearance of a true sonar display. Unlike real marine sonars, this model offers far more sci-fi details, animations and effects to blend an oceanic spirit with the hi-tech world of underwater fiction.

Radar Screensaver

Version, 28 Jun 2008
Radar Screensaver

Establish full-scale radar to your desktop. Watch the aircrafts flying through the controlled area and identify them by satellite images. This screensaver has a lot of settings like detail level, air traffic intensity or colors.

If your computer has more than one display connected, Radar Screensaver will let it look even more closely to fabulous radar outpost.

Flaredance Firework Screensaver

Version, 10 Feb 2007
Flaredance Firework Screensaver

Place realistic fireworks simulation to your desktop. We simulated most physical aspects, like gravity, glowing sparkles, explosion lights, smokes and sounds, recorded from real fireworks events.

Virtual camera mode allows viewing the fireworks from different point: it flies between explosions and lets you feel like if you were inside.

Gyrodrome Screensaver

Version, 26 Sep 2005
Gyrodrome Screensaver

This conceptually simple but beautiful and modern screensaver will give you many hours of interesting and fascinating animation. Watch metallic rings rotating one inside another in front of spherical panoramic images.

The screensaver allows changing many settings like rings count, their colors and dimensions, amount of lights and one of five background images.

Stars 3 Screensaver

Version, 13 Sep 2005
Stars 3 Screensaver

This screensaver simulates a flight at superlight speed through the galaxy. It can be used to replace old starfield simulation screensaver that ships with Windows.

It can simulate thousands of stars, interstellar gas clouds and flight along non-linear path. To immerse you into the atmosphere of transgalactic voyage, it will play fascinating soundtrack, included into distributive, or your own.

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Web Form Anti-Spam

Version, 19 May 2009
Web Form Anti-Spam

WebFormAntiSpam is a complex solution for easy and fast making an effective protection for web forms against spam. It includes software for encoding forms, what makes them unreadable and unrecognizable by spam bots.

Any of the popular Internet browsers can display the encoded pages absolutely transparently for the visitor. The spam bot will see only a script without any trace of web form and will ignore that web-page.